Office Locations

Lowe House Building               

Attorney General’s Office (Room 406)

Ethics Office (Room 142)

Facilities (Room 302)

Program Evaluation and Government Accountability (Room 218)

Information Systems (Room 318)

Library (Public Lounge, Room 140)

Miller Senate Building

Bill Drafting (1 East)

Distribution and Mailroom (1 West)

Editing and Bill Processing (1 East)

Graphics and Printing (1 West and G1)

Library (1 East)

Procurement and Supply (G1)

Racial Equity Impact Notes (Stone Lounge, 4th Floor)

Shaw House

Executive Director’s Office (1st Floor)

OPA – Director’s Office (1st Floor)

OPA – Budget/Fiscal and Policy Notes (1st/3rd Floor)

OOSS – Director’s Office (3rd Floor)

Finance Services (2nd Floor)

Human Resources (2nd Floor)

State House

Information Desk (Ground Floor)

OPA:  Office of Policy Analysis

OOSS:  Office of Operations and Support Services

OPA Committee Staff are located in the House and Senate Office Buildings