The Maryland General Assembly (MGA) offers exciting and challenging opportunities to work directly with legislators. The legislative environment can be fast-paced and dynamic. Staff must be able to adapt to the changing needs and priorities of the General Assembly, while providing the highest quality of staff support. Additionally, the legislative work environment is unique; the General Assembly never closes for the 90 days that it is in session. Typically, staff can expect to work longer than the normal 8-hour workday and on weekends.  

Human Resources maintains a pool of resumes for a vacancy that may occur. Members of the General Assembly may request assistance from the Human Resources Office in hiring staff, or they may hire staff directly.

About MGA Careers

There are full and/or part-time benefited and contractual opportunities available in the MGA.  All final hiring decisions are made by the supervising legislator.

Possible Position Placements:

  • Standing committee of the Senate or House
  • With an individual legislator
  • In a district office
  • In a legislative support office

Possible Position Titles:

  • Legislative Clerk
  • Legislative Secretary
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant*

Position Duties:

  • Computer proficiency:
    • Micorsoft Office
    • Navigation of the MGA Website
    • Virtual meeting platform administration
    • Data entry
    • Organization-specific Information Systems
  • Lead virtual briefings and hearings
  • Answering and directing telephone calls
  • Assisting callers and visitors by supplying legislative information
  • Maintaining a member's calendar
  • Data entry
  • Composing correspondence
  • Preparing other types of legislative documents
  • Other duties as assigned**

*Administrative assistants may supervise clerical staff, arrange legislative meetings and hearings, prepare legislation, attend hearings, and provide guidance to members on legislative issues. 

**Duties may vary based on position placement, position title, and general preferences of the supervising Member. 

Working Hours. As established by the Maryland Constitution, the annual session of the legislature is 90 consecutive days in length, beginning on the second Wednesday in January.

Hours of the workday vary depending on position and workload and will be determined by the supervising member.  Although hours may be extended based on session workload, the typical workday begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m., with one (1) half-hour for lunch.   Some staff may be required to work on weekends, especially during the latter part of the session.  Be sure to discuss work schedule at the time of your interview. During the legislative session, the General Assembly does not close for holidays or inclement weather.  

Parking. Parking is available at the Navy stadium with shuttle bus service into the State complex.  ID cards issued by the Legislature will enable you to use this FREE parking and shuttle service.