DLS Careers

The Department of Legislative Services (DLS) offers both professional and support career opportunities.  The Human Resources office is responsible for coordinating recruitment activities and posting specific job openings as they occur.

DLS provides nonpartisan staff support to the Maryland General Assembly (MGA) through the Office of the Executive Director, the Office of Policy Analysis, the Office of Information Systems, and the Office of Legislative Audits.

  • The Director of the Office of Operations and Support Services (OOSS) oversees Administrative services, including finance, personnel services, and graphic design and printing services. Professional and support staff includes upper-level administrators and specialized administrative and support staff. Professional staff positions require at least a bachelor's degree or extensive experience. Other staff positions require various educational backgrounds and work-related experience.

    Information Systems offers computer professionals a fast-paced, rapid development environment, with an individual quickly assuming broad responsibilities covering the entire systems development life cycle. The development methodology is oriented toward iterative prototyping and rapid development cycles. Developers work in teams under the direction of a senior developer. Entry-level development positions require a computer science or related degree together with some real-life development experience. User-support positions require previous support experience. A bachelor's degree is preferred.
  • Policy analyst positions in the Office of Policy Analysis (OPA) require a law degree or master's degree in public policy, public administration, accounting, business, economics, finance, government, or a related field. Policy analysts may staff legislative committees, draft legislation and amendments, analyze State agency budgets or determine the fiscal impacts of legislation, or evaluate the racial equity impacts of certain legislation.  
  • OPA’s Library and Information Services function provides reference, research, and information services to the General Assembly, legislative staff and other government agencies, and the public. The library is supported by professional librarians and additional staff experienced in standard library activities. Professional positions require a master's degree in library science or a related field and work experience in automated library functions and systems. Selection of other staff is based on background and prior work experience.
  • OPA also has editors and bill processing staff that ensure the accuracy of legislation, amendments, and departmental documents as well as administrative staff that support general OPA operations.  Selection of these staff is based on background and prior work experience.
  • The Office of Legislative Audits (OLA) conducts approximately 100 audits each year and is one of the largest audit organizations in the State. Audits are conducted in accordance with professional standards and are designed to access the accountability and performance of State agencies and to identify ways to improve government. OLA offices are located in Baltimore, but staff conducts audits throughout the State for over 200 State agencies whose budgets total more than $16 billion. All OLA professional staff members possess bachelor's degrees in accounting and many hold advanced degrees. In addition, approximately 65% of the staff are CPAs. Entry-level positions require a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university with a major in accounting or an approved equivalent. In addition to a solid educational background, OLA looks for applicants who are ambitious, demonstrate initiative, and have strong analytical, oral, and written communication skills. Employees are expected to learn quickly, work independently, contribute to a team effort, and be able to adapt to changing work locations and settings.