Fiscal and Policy Notes Assignments

Managers:  Laura McCarty, Lesley Cook, Hiram Burch
Phone:  410-946-5510/301-970-5510

Hillary Alcott (nee Cleckler)
Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared) (local)

Tyler Allard
Agriculture (shared) (most)
Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared) (local)
Business Licensing & Regulation (shared)
Child Support Enforcement
Commercial Law (shared) (business formation)
Commission on Civil Rights
Courts & Court Personnel/Legal Departments
Criminal Law (shared) (animal cruelty; other)
Growth Management
Public Services Commission/Utilities (shared)
Real Property – Tax Liens (overflow)

Elizabeth Allison
Budget and Management
Capital Budget
Drunk and Negligent Driving
General Assembly
Miscellaneous Government – Legal (shared) (most)
Prior Authorization Bond Bills
Tobacco Licensing/Enforcement
Vehicle Law – Rules of the Road (shared)

Caroline Boice
Education – Pre-K-12 (shared) (most)
Education – Miscellaneous (shared) (most)
Higher Education (shared) (most)

Jennifer Botts
Family Law
Juvenile Law
Juvenile Services

Jennifer Chasse
Health Boards/General
Health Insurance/Medicaid

Amy Devadas
Civil Actions & Procedure
Criminal Procedure (shared) (most)

Richard Duncan
Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared)  (statewide)
Governor's Office
Information Technology
Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund
Public Safety (shared) (9-1-1 Trust Fund)
Public Service Commission/Utilities (shared)
Unemployment Insurance
Workers’ Compensation

Tom Elder
Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared) (local)
Business Licensing & Regulation (shared)
Criminal Procedure (shared) (sexual assault kits)
Election Law (shared) (campaign finance)
Housing & Community Development
Miscellaneous State Government
Public Safety/Corrections (shared)
Veterans’ Department

Scott Gates
Education Pre-K-12 (shared) (formula; MOE;
   Pre-K; other) 
Education – Miscellaneous (shared) (child care; other) 

Amber Gundlach
Criminal Law (shared) (CDS; other)
Criminal Procedure (shared) (CDS)
Estates & Trusts (shared)
Health Boards & Occupations (shared)
Health Care Facilities & Regulation (shared)
Health Care – Corrections
Health General (shared)
Medical Malpractice

Donavan Ham
Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared) (local)
Criminal Law (shared) (penalties; other)
Eminent Domain
Estates & Trusts (shared)
Real Property
Real Property – Tax Liens

Amberly Holcomb
Agriculture (shared) (MALPF)
Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared) (local) (overflow)
Health Boards & Occupations (shared)
Health Care Facilities & Regulation (shared)
Health General (shared)
Human Services
Natural Resources (shared) (POS; forest conservation; vessels)

Kathleen Kennedy

Agriculture (shared) (rsrc conservation; hemp)
Health – Environment
Health General (shared)
Miscellaneous Government – Legal (shared) (AELR)
Natural Resources (shared) (hunting)

Scott Kennedy
Election Law (shared) (most)
Environment (overflow)
Natural Resources (shared)

Heather MacDonagh
Business & Economic Development
Gambling – Local
Gambling – Statewide
Income Taxes – Corporate (overflow) 
Labor & Industry (including elevators)
Tax Credits (overflow)

Valerie Munroe

Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared) (local)
Local Bonding Authority
Local Government
Local Constitutional Officer Salaries
Public Safety (immigration)

Trevor Owen

Eric Pierce
Business Licensing & Regulation (shared) (most)
Commercial Law (shared) (most)
Education – Pre-K-12 (overflow)
Education – Miscellaneous (shared) (buses; libraries)
Financial Institutions/Credit Regulation
Motor Vehicle Administration
Vehicle Law
Vehicle Law – Rules of the Road (shared)

Shirleen Pilgrim
Criminal Procedure (shared) (victims; registry; police)
Public Safety/Corrections (shared) (most)

Robert Rehrmann
Income Taxes - Corporate
Income Taxes - Personal
Tax Credits
Tobacco Taxes
Transportation Taxes

Stephen Ross
On leave

Michael Rubenstein
Education – Pre-K-12 (shared) (CTE)
Education – Miscellaneous (shared) (school safety;
Procurement/General Services
Retiree Health
School Construction

Michael Sanelli
Alcohol Taxes
Assessments & Taxation
Comptroller – Generally
Death Taxes
Horse Racing
Miscellaneous Taxes
Property Taxes – Local
Property Taxes – State
Public Safety (shared) (State Aid)
Sales & Use Taxes

Mikey Sousane
Alcoholic Beverage Laws (shared) (local)
Education – Pre-K-12 (shared) (juvenile)
Education – Local
Education – Miscellaneous (shared) (correctional; adult;
Health Boards & Occupations (shared)
Health Care – Education
Higher Education (shared)
Public Service Commission/Utilities (shared)